Let’s talk about quarantine, shall we? When you think of your photography business and what you are NOT getting done or getting to do this year, i’m sure you can think of a million things. O my goodness, i know i can. My first thought was rest. Lord knows i needed some rest. Not sure […]

Caitlin Jane Calligraphy

As “they” say, I have good news and bad news. Bad news first. We did not get this shoot published. We tried. This was the very first shoot i ever submitted and i would have loved if someone would have taken it, but time was moving by really fast and very soon, it will be […]

Cairnwood Editorial

to your wedding for your detail shots. I’m sure you’ve heard the “Something borrowed, something blue” jingle about the things you need at your wedding. There is nothing wrong with that little list, but I have one that is a bit more personal for you and your wedding day. These are categorical items that will […]

5 Items to bring

A One year anniversary shoot at The Overlook Golf Course Do not most people think their own families are crazy? Like when there is a family get together you would love to bring your friends, but then on the other hand, it feels safer if other people don’t see how cra cra you are? Well. […]

Zach & Megan