to your wedding for your detail shots.

I’m sure you’ve heard the “Something borrowed, something blue” jingle about the things you need at your wedding. There is nothing wrong with that little list, but I have one that is a bit more personal for you and your wedding day. These are categorical items that will help you think about the things you want to include in your detail shots and flat lay styles.

Ring Set

Your ring set is the most precious part of this whole day. For the rest of your lives you will wear these rings as a symbol of your love and commitment for one another. These are not just any rings, they are the rings by which you were married. You may lose one of these rings and buy something to replace it. You may become pregnant and have to cut your ring off of your swollen fingers. You may choose to have more than one ring that you can wear to symbolize your love, but more than anything , this is the rings you wore on the day you were married. They are special.


From a photographers point of view, the flowers are one of the most important elements of your day. We can use them over and over and over. They represent your colors and your style and most times there are different flowers for different people represented at your wedding. All of the flowers should be at your wedding first thing so we can use them for flat lays. We will also ask you to speak to your florist to bring all the leftovers they can afford so that we can use them as part of the getting ready shots as well.


Which brings me to the third thing. Your dress. His shoes. Your shoes. His tie. All the clothes including the girls dresses and shoes, too. All of these things help to bring texture and color to represent your day the best. I love to include the guys items into the girls items to create a little bit of both of you in one shot.


So, those 3 things are pretty obvious. Things you would naturally bring along to your wedding day because you are gonna need them to get on with the day. But, what about a few items that you would not think about so quickly? What about some items that have been in your family for years and years? Or, that one special item that was handed down to you through the years or that one thing your grandmother gave to you before she passed away? It could be a dish, or a small purse, or a ring or a necklace. A letter. Most any of these things will do. Try to think about the item that would mean the most to you twenty years from now.


This last thing holds more sentimental value than any of the other things in my opinion. Words in writing. Between the two of you. Your handwriting is going to be one of those things you probably already recognize. His little love notes and her handwritten notes in his lunch. The words written in the margin of his Bible and her words jotted down in the covers of her favorite books. Cards to each other will hold the handwriting the two of you are so familiar with. Write letters to each other. Bring them to the morning of the wedding. They don’t need to be lengthy or worded perfectly just bring it along and see how special it will be for them to be included in your wedding day.

And that is it. Keeping it simple as always. And, with much love.

xoxo, diane