Kristen is 3 out of 3 of my cousins wedding/engagements I get to photograph this year. I feel like I say this way too often, but I am honored. So honored to play a role in your life. To have a front row seat. To celebrate with you and laugh with you. Life is way too short to dwell on the could haves and would haves and I love to celebrate with happy people. And, you know how it is. Family knows each other best. So when you REALLY know me and STILL choose me – that really means something to me.

I have walked with Kristen in some of the most painful parts of her life. I am a great deal older than her when it comes to a long line of cousins but we share a very common denominator in the hardships of life and we connected daily and honestly over a long period of time to help each other through. I am thankful for her. Not that she had to endure but that we could walk it out together.

And Thomas. When you create a life with someone you always expect it to stick. Otherwise you would never commit to it in the first place. But when someone can see you and relate to your pain and KNOW your messiness… AND CHOOSE YOU! Well, that is a lot like what Jesus did for us, isn’t it?

I know i’m going deep here but i know Thomas and Kristen will appreciate it so i’m doing it for them because it is who they are. And i’m doing it for me, because it is who I am.

I firmly believe that each marriage and each wedding is unique. In this, I say, if it fits what the two of you need, then you should do it.

Because they are joining two groups of children and family into one, I just think it is so fitting that they went ahead and got married with just the two of them and their pastor. And then are planning that wedding celebration on the beach in New Jersey at a family vacation spot. I’m so excited.


Love you guys, XOXO- Diane