Just the sweetest sweetest couple. You’ve seen them on instagram and you’ve seen their sneak peak and here is their blog post and I’m just as excited about this shoot today as I was the day I delivered it. I loved meeting them for the first time and I also loved seeing their venue for the first time ever!

Spring Valley is a gorgeous venue and I know their wedding day is going to be so beautiful.

When Samantha first reached out to me, I remember thinking how naturally beautiful she is. It can be hard to meet people for the first time having never seen them in real life. When you are trying to pick out a face from the crowd and photos don’t always look like the real life person. BUT she was exactly who I imaged she would be – not just what she looked like, but personality and all. I cannot wait to see her in her wedding dress and their wedding day is a day I am looking forward to very much.

Samantha and Ethan, it was so good meeting you and getting to know the two of you a bit more. I can’t wait to meet all of your people at your wedding. It is going to be such a fun party!

xoxo – Diane