Her name is beautiful and like the title of a high end wedding shoe that someone would sell. “The Caitlin.” When i was working up the title to this gorgeous bridal shoot that we did together last winter… I kept trying different things, “Bridal Shoot”, “Caitlin Bridal Shoot”, nothing fit but for Caitlin.

I don’t have their wedding gallery completed yet, but I wanted to show you this gallery BEFORE you see the wedding one.

If you missed me saying this before, Caitlin is Miss Rizzo to us. Or she has been. The kids will have to get used to calling her by her new name this next school term, but she has been my sons’ teacher for two years now. We are hoping she will be Emma’s teacher, too. I could write a book about her and i’ve known her only two years. Jaxon did not repeat classes but she went from teaching Pre-K to teaching K which has always been her dream grade to teach!

We appreciate her love and connection with students and parents alike and we respect her highly.

BUT! Apart from being a hardworking, fun loving, committed teacher, she is also really in love with a boy named Brad (i can hear my kids giggling about this line) and she has a really good taste for all things “princessy”, and style.

Brad and Caitlin booked my highest package without even blinking and I am blown away by the amount of trust they afforded me. I cannot wait to share with you their Wedding Gallery.

XOXO – Diane