10 Year Anniversary | Inn at Leola Village

These two. O my goodness. Ted and Mischa contacted me after their ten year anniversary travel plans went to pot (cause covid). They were married at the Inn and thought it would be cool to travel from New Jersey to Lancaster County to celebrate. If you don’t already know, The Inn at Leola is my neighborhood. I have been dying to shoot in there and it was every bit as gorgeous as i expected it to be… If you are looking for a wedding venue… I would highly recommend. And then choose me to be your photographer!

We had so much fun walking the grounds and hearing all about their big day. Of course, that was 10 years ago so things look a lot different now, but Mischa could still remember walking to her ceremony with all of her girls holding out her train. The very spot. I thought it was incredibly meaningful that they chose to take formal portraits at the same spot they were married. I think that should be a thing.

Meeting Ted and Mischa made me so very thankful for friends and community. They feel like old friends to me now and i truly just enjoyed their company. Ted is a high school teacher (probably why we were able to be so goofy) and Mischa is also a photographer and needed no help with posing or looking great in front of the camera. Basically, i felt like they were having a great time the whole time and that makes all the difference.

I know taking photos can be stressful. Being in front of the camera is not fun for me. If we can all just try to relax, be ourselves, and have a good time doing it… so much less stressful.

Ted and Mischa – I had the best time. The two of you are so beautiful together and your love is so obvious and smooth. Please call me again in 10 years… and if you ever come back to Leola, come by my house and let’s swap tall tales about our animals. So much love to both of you.

xoxo- diane