2nd Covid Wedding

I had forgotten how many obstacles this dear couple had to navigate as they tried to plan their wedding. Plan A,B,C and D all were put into motion and even though what they originally planned did not happen at all – they still were able to be married and have a great time. I did a blog post of their getting married day and now we have the celebration day which we unanimously voted to retake a ton of photos cause, if you read it, you will remember how it poured rain all day long. This day was hot. So hot. I think we’ve come a long way when it comes to counting our blessings, I know I have, so I am not about to complain about a hot wedding day again (well, for a very long time). All the formal portraits were taken on private family property and it was just the most beautiful grove of trees and is fittly named, “The Grove.” This time we were able to make time for her mother to help her with getting her dress on and so many things that we take for granted that did not happen on her “Getting Married Day.”

Oh, the stories they will have to tell their grandchildren one day. Do you know the ones about walking uphill to school both ways? Barefooted in the snow? Our covid weddings will have stories like that. So many stories.

On their second wedding day they were already Mr. & Mrs.

They got to use Grandpas gorgeous car.

She got to wear her dress twice – Ashley had an amazing attitude throughout and this was one thought that kept her going.

The sun was very shining. It was a beautiful day.

Everyone was able to reminisce about how crazy wedding one was.

We were all served a catered meal. Yum.

And so many other things we take for granted at weddings.

Dallas and Ashley. God has been so good to you – but more importantly, I think, is that you have been faithful in the little. In the hard times – you have not been found wanting. Blessings to both of you as you grow in love and graciousness with one another. Much love!

xoxo- diane