Springwood Organic Farm

I wanted to share a “split session” with you so that you could see for yourself how things work around here. For this fall only i was offering split sessions. A split session was a normal session cut in half. Half the price half the photos and half the time. The catch was that you (the client) had to be the one to plan everything. I only planned and emailed one person and then that person communicated with whomever they had chosen to share the shoot with. We are having so much fun with it, and i think i have one more session like this that I am planning to shoot. I don’t know if I will offer it next year or not.

The downside to a shoot like this is time. Sometimes it made us rushed and a little too hurried with children who were not on board yet.

I like to get a lot of detail, close up shots and while that is still possible it just cuts back on time for the extras. The plus side was that there were families taking advantage of it who have reached out to me in other years, and this just really cut down the price! Due to covid, i was just pretty sure many of us could use the price cut.

Each session is so different but i wanted to share this one as an example because, God help me, I love unruly children. I think it is because it is how crazy my children are ( i feel like i say this allll the time you must think they are a mess – they are!) ha! And i actually love it love it love it in photoshoots as much as real life.

When i taught school, back in my other life, i always said i loved the crazy kids cause you knew what they were thinking… And it’s true. You never have to guess what they are thinking or how they are feeling. Bring to me all your ornery mischievous babies. I love it!

Most of these sessions have been shared by sisters, which i think is a really good match, and that is what this one was.