A farm maternity session.

This little family. I first met Sally when she booked me for a mentoring session (i have no idea how long ago that was) a few years ago. That’s not even true. I first met her when she attended a shoot out that I was a part of before that! Ha. Where is my memory? She is an amazing photographer and she has assisted me with weddings, editorials, etc BUT is just a really good human to have on your team. I have loved working with her the past few years. In the winter her little family travels to Florida and she does beautiful work while she is there so if you are planning to travel south, keep her in your back pocket!

I love her energy and enthusiasm for people. I don’t know if you can work this job and not be good at loving on people, but Sally is amazing at that. She’s really good with kids, AND really good with grownups. I love her work.

I’m so looking forward to photographing them and their new little squish this fall. There is something about “older” siblings and a new baby that is mesmerizing because they kind of understand what is happening, more than a toddler would, and I just know that Jayce will be a very hands on big brother. It’s going to be so sweet.

Sally wanted a wooded area with sunshine. The farm was a perfect fit.

I have some space for some more 30 minute fully digital farm sessions at this space August through October.

Let me know if you want in!

XOXO! – Diane