Starn Barn | Elizabethtown PA

June 18, 2022

They have been waiting for this day for so so so long! I love the long anticipation of a wedding day…. all the planning and waiting only builds this excitement for the actual day to come about. Caitlin and Brad had their very first Valentine date at the Star Barn so it is only fitting that they would be married at this venue. They will have many more memories at this gorgeous estate I am sure.

Their wedding day started off very very windy. We were able to take a precious few detail photos and then just went with the wind for the rest of the day. I really love the wind in photos it can add so much flow to a dress or hair etc etc but this was not that kind of wind. Ha! Brad and Caitlin went with the flow of the weather and it did not bother them at all.

I wish you could have seen their first dance – it was so amazing and smooth and very fairy tale like. Caitlin chose the perfect dress for her wedding day and as her kindergarten students said, “She looked just like a princess.” Congratulations Brad and Caitlin! We are so happy to have been a part of your day.

XOXO – Diane + Angie