An Anniversary Session at Nolde Forest


When we began planning Jerome and Cassia’s Anniversary Session she suggested that she wanted to do something unique to them. YES. I was all for it. I am not super familiar with the backwoods of Nolde and because she lives nearby she said she would go over and check it out.

And this is what she came up with! For a few seconds it felt like we were in a great forest out west with the tall tall trees. I really loved the location she chose.

One year ago these two threw a beautiful wedding party at Moonstone Manor! Their day was packed with laughter, tears, and so much fun! They just have this sweet and tender love that they share and I saw it, not only in them, but also in their friends and families that day! So many fond memories from their wedding.

Happy one year to the both of you!

XOXO! Diane