He has so many dreams. Like creating a clothing brand – he’s a photographer (check him out at @urbanshadephoto) he has a passion for God and helping other people see God. So talented. The best part (for me anyway) is that he’s not exactly sure where that all takes him. Leaving all the room in the world for his life to be guided and molded and shaped into something even better than he could have ever dreamed. That’s what God does with us, isn’t it? Turns our dreams into exploding real life moments. Mitch is currently serving on a mission team in Brazil. Not his first time there – and it was just so much fun to spend an hour with him in his parents’ back yard talking about all of this stuff. Kind of made me want to be 18 again. And then at the end of the shoot i asked him if there is anything he envisioned for this. He opened up the gate to his little car setting there. Yeah. Talented.

Also he has tattoos. The end.

xoxo – diane