Held at Hingeworks of Lancaster City

Florals By : Hadassah Owner of Thistle Do Flower Co

Macs By : Tara’s Treats ( of course!)

Models: Jolyn Esh and her beautiful daughters

Instructors: Diane Burkholder and Angie Kauffman

Hey there! Welcome to my blog post about the Beginner’s Workshop we held on June 26. This was the 5th workshop that Angie and I have done together and while all of them were so much fun, I think this one was my favorite so far. Four people attended this year when usually the class has held 10-16 people. I am a huge fan of smaller groups because I think everyone gets more of the attention they deserve and that one on one feedback from us as instructors that is needed to learn quickly.

The main concept of this workshop is to teach you how to use the manual setting on your camera. We start by teaching you the three most important components to that being the ISO, f stop, and exposure. Shooting a camera in a manual setting, and well, everything else about my digital camera i taught to myself. You tube. Trial and error. Reading. I learned it on my own. It was fine and it worked for me, but it’s not ideal. Hours and hours of stress and discovery can be packed into just a few hours if you allow someone to teach you. I decided, early on, that if i would ever learn to shoot a film camera on a professional level i was not going to teach myself. I’m so glad i made that decision. I have someone to talk to and ask questions whenever i am stuck or confused. That is what we do for the attendees at our Beginner’s Workshops.

I especially loved our question and answer time this year. With 4 people you can get a lot of questions answered or at least discussed and we just had so much fun!! Thanks for coming girls. I wish you all the best in your photography endeavours! Don’t forget to reach out to us with any additional questions.

I have found that most people who want to learn to use their cameras are those who own businesses and want to shoot their own product. Moms who want to capture their families lives a little better and then also that person who loves taking pictures and wants to turn it into a business.

I also offer one on one mentoring sessions as well. Well, enjoy the lovely photos! I had a blast with all of these ladies and am inspired by each of their personalities and the talents they have to offer

xoxo- diane