I knew the moment that I met them that I would fall in love with their wedding day. Her style. His smile. The way they loved each other so tenderly. I never predicted that he would barely be able to speak for the tears he shed during the private vows… Or how nervous she suddenly became when it was time to see him for the first time that day. The surprise feelings are all just a part of how wonderful their day turned out to be.

It gets to me still. After all these years …. that two beautiful souls can find one another. Fall in love and say “yes” in front of their family and friends and that day is called a wedding. So crazy! I don’t think we make a big enough of a deal about it. Let’s make weddings an even bigger deal than they already are!

The other surprise that Sami and Karissa had for me is how well they could dance on the dance floor! Two cultures coming together for the two people they love the most. You can see for yourself that they welcomed everyone into their party! It was a beautiful thing to witness. And the cape on the dress played its part so well! I love these parties. Celebrating the two of you. Literally, it is the best part of life and I love to see it!

Thank you for having us, Sami and Karissa. We had an amazing time on your wedding day and we cannot wait for the next time we get to spend some time with you!

XOXO, Diane and Aile