June 6, 2022

Linwood Estate

They live just down the road from Linwood Estate. A good country mile, maybe. And this momma would take her pregnant self on walks around the estate to get some exercise and fresh country air. So this place is extra special to them. Which I love! If there is any connection to you and something, I just love knowing about it.

Baby Summer is the absolute sweetest babe. Her blue eyes are so blue! And even though she was so so tired she still took photos like a champ and was easily distracted.

I did want to put a plug in here for maternity/ newborn combo packages. Two shoots with a discounted rate but the kicker is that you don’t have to do newborn newborn photos. Summer was 6 months and it was still so so adorable. As long as your 2 shoots are within a year of each other it counts. Some mothers are not up for a newborn shoot at 2 weeks and I tell all my mothers to contact me AFTER the baby comes and AFTER they feel semi back to normal. Giving birth is a big deal and sometimes moms feel amazing after a few days and sometimes it is not for a longer while and SOMETIMES it’s just way more than we were expecting as first time moms. I just wanted to clarify that “newborn” photos do not have to be at two weeks.

Anyway. Isn’t her name so precious? Baby Summer.