I’ve got a rare day over here with both kids napping at the same time. Someone cue the Hallelujah Chorus please! Just a few moments of peacefulness is life giving, so – i decided to blog this very special-to-me family. They agreed to meet me at Blue Marsh Lake, one of my favorite spots, and a very special place to them as well. If i can make memories with you by using your past memories then that is a win win win in my book, cause all i want to do is help you to live out a lifetime of memories, and to freeze a few with my cameras.

These sweeties have been in front of my camera many times now and I love seeing how much they have grown from year to year.. and this year they were celebrating a birthday… and had just gotten a brand new puppy! There was a special twinkle in everyone’s eyes as they told me all about their new pet. I love these moments. All the things that make a child remember their childhood in all the best ways. Those are the important things to me.

We got to splash in the water and find shiny rocks! A good ending to a really perfect day for these kiddos.

xoxo! -diane