A Covid Wedding.

Not just any Covid wedding but the perfect one. The perfect set of details. The perfect bride. The perfect day – the perfect couple. Of course, all in the midst of this very imperfect world, right now. Plan B becomes the best option and the most loved option. Maybe even Plan C or D.

Josh & Dani have been planning their PA wedding all the way from VA for months and months and months. And then covid hit. And then they had to change their plans and then… their friends surprised them and some drove all the way from Virginia to surprise them in a drive by car parade that had Josh jumping up and down with joy. It was so sweet.

Things seemed to go from bad to worse for a while. Danielle had to be treated for poison and for allergies and in and out of treatment just before the wedding and after as well. She is a champ of a bride, her signature laugh is the best thing ever, and I just am so thankful to be connected with couples like this who can love life in spite of everything else in the world.

As we were getting ready to walk out the door to our formal portraits, the bride’s mother informs me that they must be back by six for a surprise drive by party! We hustled and got back just in time to catch the first few cars driving in… handing off their gifts and saying hello to the bride and groom. What a great idea!

And I will leave you right here with this favorite snap .. the joy in the life of this couple is so very tangible. I am so grateful for them and their marriage!

xoxo – diane