These two. I know you’ve met Marsha.

She and her husband Elmer, wanted to schedule an actual shoot with me soon after we met and i was so happy to do that for them, cause i really wanted to get to know her husband, too. She is my assistant and he is everything in her life and i want to know her life well. A few more things you should know about “My Marsha” is that she also has her special feature over on the about page on the website AND she also works as a barista at Fireside!! The brand new coffee shop in town. Check it out online and go pay her a visit … you will not regret it.

Isn’t it so gorgeous how they decided to get back into their wedding clothes?

I loved it. So much. I also brought back a few of my favorite shooting spots for this year at Blue Marsh and we just had so much fun together in general. So much love for this couple!

“If you are not too long….. I will wait here for you, for all my life.”

-Oscar Wilder

xoxo- Diane