It is time for me to start sharing my covid-19 weddings.

I’m gonna be honest. This is hard for me. I have been talking non stop about how these brides have had the best attitudes about making alternate plans and changing their wedding dates etc etc. What i have not been honest about is my attitude. It has not been good. It is discouraging to hear your brides crying on the phone, trying their best to be strong, making a million phone calls to try to get everything that’s left of their day, in order.

It is still beautiful.

It is still marriage.

And love.

And probably a more true love cannot be found than a covid bride still eager to be married despite the change of plans.

But in my heart, i felt it so unfair that these brides had to go through this. My attitude has been less than stellar so it has been hard for me to share these weddings. Looking back, I know that each of them is so so so happy to have been able to at least go ahead with their plans and still be able to be married to the love of their lives. Each wedding was so so beautiful! Entirely intimate and love filled. I loved everything about each day.. Uh, minus the rain on this one…. AND, this is my prayer and my heart.

If you plan a small wedding. Yes! I would love that for you. That would be amazing and wonderful and just as beautiful as a large wedding! It is not about the size or location. It is about your dream day. And i pray that future brides will be able to plan their weddings as they wish them and dream them.. and not have to replan or reschedule anything.

Dallas and Ashley’s day. O my goodness. You can feel the love and anticipation from the minute they walk into the kitchen. Dallas’ parents graciously moved every piece of furniture out of their living room in order to host both families and the bridal party for this dear couple.

Speaking to Ashley a few days ago she admitted she was excited to wear her wedding dress for the second time! They will have a larger outdoor reception later this summer. But she was so glad they went ahead with their alternate plans and were married on that day! She loves her photos and they mean the world to her as it is the day they actually said “I do”.

It rained. And by rain i mean poured out water on us all day long. I have not seen rain like this before or since. We have rain. But an all day shower like this is so so unlikely. I felt so badly for them, but they made it clear that the rain was fine and they were true champs to taking outdoor photos in the rain. We were glad to have umbrellas. So much rain.

“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.”

-Hellen Keller

So, that is it. That is Covid Wedding number 1!

To this beautiful couple. Dallas and Ashley. I don’t doubt for one minute that your love is real and genuine. Your love of God is evident in the peace you carry in your hearts as you did throughout your wedding process. If you can react to all of life’s disappointments with such honor and peace as you did this day – you will be fine no matter what. I will see you again very soon! I’m so excited to see you all dressed up again and this time with all of your guest list to be a witness. I really hope it doesn’t rain. The end.

xoxo! -Diane