A gorgeous lakeside shoot. I love Tiffany. We met several years back for a very very very small editorial (which wildly enough was published in Philadelphia Wedding Magazine) I don’t remember if i reached out to her or if we connected through the florist (hey nadine!) but that is how it is when you befriend vendors. Guys, since changing my goals to showing up for other vendors free of charge, I have made the best friendships! The best. I love that I know them by name. I am not the best at remembering names. I know them by name and when I want to contact them I can picture who they are and what they sound like. We greet each other with hugs and high fives and it is so so so so much fun to work in an industry together as a team.

Tiffany is the owner of Tiffany’s Bridal Boutique in Reading, Pennsylvania. She has a gorgeous space just waiting for you to come and see if she can find something perfectly fit for you. I have photographed many brides in her dresses and each of them was beautiful.

Her and her son Maddox are just finishing up a vacation they took together for his birthday which i think, is the sweetest thing ever.

And yes. This dress she is wearing is from her shop. Gorgeous!

xoxo! Diane