This woodsy wonderland of a wedding was so so so special to my family. My children, Jaxon and Emma, along with two cousins were in the bridal party and got to walk “down the isle.” We were all so honored to take part and we got to go on a travel adventure all the way to Ohio!

My nephew, Brandon, got to marry the love of his life, Emily, and we love her so much and are so happy that we got to witness their wedding day!

Emily included so much color into her wedding day all the while keeping the pallet fairly light and dreamy. From the glass goblets to the tablecloths to the plate chargers and candlesticks. The dessert area was laid out with a spread fit for kings and queens and being under the tent with all the twinkly lights was dreamy and cozy. Fireworks were put off during their first dance as a complete surprise to the couple leaving us all in a haze of wedding day firework smoke! It was so much attending a wedding of a nephew and adding to our family in a new way.

All the details lended to the colors of the wedding. The faint outline of watercolor on the invitations and the choice of stamps used on the envelopes. The ribbon tied around each card and even the ring box matched the colors of the day. This will always be remembered as the wedding that broke the bed! The bridesmaids sat for the usual girls on the bed photo and – clunk-! Down it went. So sorry about that. I love that you can see faint heart designs in the ring set and the groom’s ring was that plasticy bendy material which is perfect for ring styling during detailed shots!

All of her girls watching the sweetness unfold from the house. AWW i love that so much. Emily had the best group of girls around her for her big day. So much laughter and fun and a few tears, too.

The bridal party colors! Love love love… and with those dreamy boquets with the pinks and blues… o my. Everything went together so so so well!

The ceremony was in this little wooded area… with dirt paths leading to the appetizer area and the reception area. So so fun for the children to run around on. And watch out for those beautiful children! Mine did not make it to the main photo but they did make it down the isle! So proud. ha ha .

We left the guests behind to take sunset photos. Always the best photos of the day! LOOK at that couple!


Ceremony venue | A private homestead

Invitations | DIY

Bridal Gown | David’s Bridal Easton

Hair MU | Bridesmaid Ali

Ring Hers | Charles & Colvard

Ring His | Groovering

Tuxedos | Macys

Watch | Fossil

Florist | Bridesmaid Dempsey

Dessert | Bridesmaid Emily

Catering | Stutzman’s Catering

Videographer | Colonel Weber

Coordinator/Planner | Tina Yoder @ Borrowed Elegence

Assistant to Di Images | Alyssa Bethany Photography