When Rosetta first contacted me to take their family photos she said, ” i love the light in your pictures.” For me, there is no compliment that tops this one. I feel like every single shoot is a tad different. The light hitting the grass or the trees or the colors you are wearing. The clouds covering the sun or the reflection of the light on your glasses. The way it shows up warm in one direction and much more white in a another. I could talk about the light all day long. ANNNNDDDD on this journey with film that i am on.. not gonna fib here, i have had to look at light a little differently than if i was only shooting digital images… AANNNNNDDDD.. again, with not lying…. it has been a little harder than i anticipated. I sometimes feel like i’m starting over. Not that i don’t know what i’m doing… i’m just learning another medium. And new presets to match the new medium… and on and on it goes.

This family is amazing. Funny, warm, easy laughter, and an obvious love and camaraderie for each other is only a few of the things. And while, i do not blog even half of my sessions because i just do not have the time or the brain space… i do want to make sure i blog some of them.. and it’s easiest for me to put up the ones that make me feel really good about myself in the photographer sense of the word. SO. A little about me and a little about them, but mostly about the magic of the light and how it hit the grass that night.. just like Rosetta wanted.

And every single one of these kids was completely fine with being in front of the camera. Given their ages and, of course, different personalities of children, that is so rare! I have no advice on that end…. because…. well, just because your a photographer does not mean your children love being photographed. THE END.