Ask me how i feel about outdoor weddings and every single time i will tell you it is so worth it. I know it’s risky. It could rain or be windy or whatever, but there is always a tent or an indoor spot as a backup. A backyard wedding is even better, in my book, and i just love how these two families went all out to make this the best day for this bride and groom. The color. The kids. The backyard. Mission Bar B Q. The loads of fun everyone was having.So many things about this wedding that i love love love. Most of all… Blake and Nikell and their story which you can find in their engagement shoot blog post… (

BUT wow. The love they have for one another. And respect. And sacrifice. And commitment. It’s so beautiful. Nikell thought of everything for her wedding day down to the kerchief on the stem of her bouquet. I just have to say here, too, that she is the owner of The Mustard Seed store in Lititz and i love that you can see a link to that throughout her wedding day!

She planned her dream wedding day. And it was a dream.

Also when i first sent her the link to her wedding gallery she replied, “i’m dead.” The best compliment.

“Ever since you came in my life

i know that you are the one

I’ll truly love till the end.”

If you have never had Mission BBQ – you need to make it a point and become really good friends with someone who will serve it at their wedding. They are kind. happy. helpful. tasty. informative. and a 10 out of 10 with customer service. Perfect for a beautiful backyard wedding.

xoxo- diane


CEREMONY/RECEPTION VENUE | Grooms’ parents back yard | Lititz

INVITATIONS | Shutterfly

BRIDAL GOWN | Gailes Country Threads Manheim

HAIR MU | Sophia Zook @lipsandlockz

GIRLS GOWNS | Davids Bridal of York

HEADBAND BRIDE | @banded2gether

RINGS |Brent L Miller

FLORIST | Bridgette

CAKE | Ashlee Z


DJ | Steve @ Occasionsdiscjockeys