A Longwood Garden Engagement Shoot

My favorite thing about these two is how real they are. How genuinely kind and funny and at home they are with each other. I also love their love and their beauty but mostly it’s their down to earthedness that makes it so so fun to be around them.

My other favorite thing about these two is their story. They dated young and planned on being married and then broke up. And then they again found each others love after finding themselves and now, 3 years later, Nikell still gets to wear the same dress she initially picked out for her wedding! (of course, that is a very brief and vague version of their story) I am so looking forward to their backyard wedding in June! It will be full of love and fun and most of all adorable little kids so proudly wearing their wedding dresses!

“What’s meant to be will always find a way.”

-Trisha Yearwood

xoxo- diane