Added a new baby to the crew. This family has a story that will always be one for the ages. Like, no matter where their lives go or what happens to them, they will never stop caring and loving on the world around them in majorly huge ways. They will always have open arms and be giving back as much as possible. I find it ironic that, as i type these words out, Eileen is texting me on my phone, saying how she cannot wait to be able to give back to so many others who have given to them. In such a time as this – there are still a million ways to help one another. Without actually being present in someone’s home. So here it is:

“To all of the people who have joined into our village and showed up- we want to give you a big thank you. To all of those who have helped with our pregnancy and especially during the time when I (Eileen) was in the hospital and the weeks after that! Things got a little crazy afterwards with the virus, but so many people have been checking up on us and helping us anyway they can!

(Her parents came to visit from Norway and had to cut their trip a week short) There were planning to be here for two weeks and upon return to Norway had to be quarantined in their home for two weeks. So this Sunday they will be able to get out again. They were so sad to leave and I (Eileen) could tell it was really hard on them. But we talk everyday and they check up on us. So my siblings at home have had to get them groceries and stuff! It’s just such a surreal experience having a baby now with the corona virus going on, too. I’m just so thankful they came before everything shut down!

People dropped of meals, came and cleaned, played with our kids, dropped off diapers in Bryan’s car while he was at work (like 3 times and they still don’t know who it was) ! Bryan’s aunt Fan and her family have been just amazing to us and helped us so much! We don’t have any grandparents in town, but they have played that role for us so well.

Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.

-Anthony Brandt

Multiple people that have helped me this time around have said this at times to me, that they went through this or something similar and they know what it is like. And now it is their time to help like they were helped. And you can really tell a difference! You can tell which people have gone through the same things. Cause they get it. They really get it. It’s easier to open up to them, as other people just don’t get it…. if that makes sense?

And i feel bad sometimes cause i can’t really pay much forward at the time as the kids take all my energy and then some. (emoji sweat drop face)

BUT one day i can be that for someone going through something or just needing an extra hand.”

And that is where the irony lies… that even tho she/ they are giving their life’s energy to helping raise children who cannot live in the home they were born to… they cannot wait for the day to be able to give back. That is just who they are. Without even trying they live to give to other people. What a legacy.

And she asked me if i know what she means. Yes i do. It does not mean that because you have not experienced what someone else has gone through that you cannot give. It means that you are not only giving but you have empathy for them that other people cannot. This is why we go through hard times, right? So we can know what hurting and overwhelmed people are feeling. So we have a community of empathetic people who are just bursting at the seams to be helping one another.

To your wonderful family, Bryan and Eileen. May you find a little extra strength each day to complete it well. May God be your anchor and the wind in your sails as you navigate some life altering waters for the innocent. May you be filled with wisdom and knowledge that only comes from God and may His love pour out of you onto others, so that the world can see and know. You are both wonderful parents and you make a great team.

xoxo- diane