Just the sweetest little bundle of baby.

Her wispy, long eyelashes and soft her tiny breaths.

Her daddy could not be at the photoshoot, but that’s okay we have plans to get daddy daughter photos when she is a little older. It’s so fun to capture a momma with her babies because that is her everyday reality, right? Balancing all the things going on in the home and giving everyone a fair amount of attention and treats, especially the dog. OR making sure the dog doesn’t get too many treats.

Being a little sister to two brothers is going to make this little girl tough from the start. My favorite images are the ones of her brothers holding her, their little fingers eager to touch her and poke her. Can you imagine what is going through their brains when they see a brand new tiny baby like this?

Baby S, you are so cherished and you are such a little sweetheart.

“I’m no longer a slave to fear

I am a child of God”