October 6, 2018

If ever I have been moved forward in my faith and my desire to be gracious by attending an event – this would be it. Fun. Exciting. Gorgeous. Life giving. All of it. Sean’s family is huge. And loud. And completely fun to be around. But they have a way with speaking love and tenderness into a life that is broken and hurting that is very touching. Bridgette is exactly this and she fits into his family perfectly. Bridgette’s family is small, they sure know how to party, and more of a calm presence. But they have this spark in their eyes that draws you in immediately. Sean is exactly this and he fits into her family so well. And I see this over and over and over, and am always amazed at the wisdom of life partners and the God ordained one for each person. Sean and Bridgette, you guys are the sweetest and I am so excited to see where your lives will take you.

There is this idea that guys do not have as much fun at weddings and don’t like taking pictures as much and so on. I just have never found that to be true. What I love about walking into the guys room on wedding days is the palpable excitement. They have seen nothing so far. They don’t know what the girls will look like. The groom has never seen the bride in her dress and there is this   fun and cooperation as they help each other get their ties on straight. And the pride of showing up and being a part of a wedding party is so fun to see. Every time! I like to tease the guys that it takes them longer to get dressed than the girls. That’s not true, of course, but they do take great pride in their appearance. Go guys!

Bridgettes mother may not have been present on the biggest day of her life. But her friends were there and they stepped in and filled the spot so nicely. With tenderness and great joy they helped her through every step of the day like they had been placed in her life for this exact occasion. AND her dress had pockets! Yes! I loved how the bodice was made of lace and the skirt and train was more of a classic feel making her dress completely timeless. She wore her mother’s veil and it fit her dress perfectly.

Father and daughter spent a few moments together before the wedding. If there was ever a need for a first look I think it would be on occasion such as this being able to release some emotion before the time to walk down the isle. I just love how they spent this time together before the day started.

For the first time, Mr. and Mrs!!!  O and I loved this church with the white interior and the tall naked windows. Everything about Sean and Bridgette’s day fit them perfectly.


 “God gave me you…”


And there you have it. Another crazy beautiful wedding day!

A special thanks to the beautiful and talented Katie Severein for making this day even better!

xoxo, diane

Vendor List:

Assistant Photographer | Katie Severein Photography

Ceremony | Mt. Vernon Church

Reception | Laurel Ridge Farm

Invitations | Diy

Dress | In White

Hair Makeup | Friends

Rings | Jared

Guys Shoes | Lebron James

Florist | Unique Design

Caterer | Fishers Catering

Videographer | Amber Fisher