April 23, 2022

A Masonic Village Engagement Session Elizabethtown, PA

I could not wait to show you this engagement session. Kate came to me through her sister, whose maternity and newborn session I did a while back. She has eight siblings, but the one who is married and has a baby is the one… anyway, if you ask me how much I love working within same families and getting to reconnect with families I met before, it’s an all time 100%!

These two are the sweetest, tho. And I just wanna say it here, again….. (cannot repeat this enough) the couples who claim no talent for being in front of the camera… do not worry! Your images will be amazing. They loved on each other, acted goofy with one another, and just laughed with each other… the entire time.

It works. It’s magic. And it’s so easy!

I loved meeting them. I feel like maaaaybe I could be a sister now too, if I ask really nicely. And I’m excited to meet the rest of the family. When you live in Lancaster County, PA, there is this notion that everyone knows each other. I do not know everyone, and I love getting to know people who are from my hometown whom I have never known before. New families. New faces. New connections meeting up with old connections.

I’m so excited for their Lakeview Wedding in Manheim, PA this fall!