April 9, 2022

If you could sit with me and hear the stories I hear. The details and hard work it takes to plan weddings. The tragedies and heartaches that weddings are planned around. The beautiful way their day comes together in spite of any obstacles in their path and there would not be enough time in one day to cover them all. It is magical, because it is overcoming all odds. First of all to find one another, and then second of all to pull off the celebration of a lifetime. Each story is different and all are as beautiful as the one before.

Cody and Anita live in Virginia Beach, VA. They both graduated from Drexel, which is where they met and fell in love. They both have jobs that require a lot of travel, and like her siblings joked about in their hilarious toast to the bride and groom, “we don’t really know what Cody does….”

How sweet is it for them to be married in their hometown? They could have literally chosen anywhere, but for the sake of their parents they chose home, AND what we do know is that they are happy together. Together, they make each other smile and laugh. They love to go fishing together (see cake topper) and there is just so much sweetness in this life they have been creating.

Cheers to you both, Cody and Anita. You planned a beautiful party!