of a two part wedding.

I love how Faith planned lots of time for getting ready. I was able to go visit the guys at their getting ready location. Not having a second shooter was very odd for me with the Covid Weddings, but we made do and hats off to everyone for all the patience and love and kindness showed to me and other vendors as we did our very very best regardless. Dakota and his guys had Carona’s and I could not let the day go by without, you know, making sure we always remember what era these two were married in. A sign of the times sort of thing. I can’t look at the getting ready photos of the guys without thinking of Cardi B’s “CARONA VIRUS!” Sad, but true. Not that i listen to Cardi B. You don’t have to listen to know – it just is. HA!

The moms read letters from each of their children before the first look. One hundred percent a fan of whatever it is that you use to draw in family and friends and welcome them to share emotion. It takes more time but it is always worth it! She set up a first look with her dad that had us all crying and prayer time was a super emotional send off into married life. People, this year has been emotional…. if you cry at your wedding for the sheer fact that you were able to HAVE a wedding, then I am right there with you and so are most people standing by your side.

I have said it a million times, but a few more will not hurt – I loved her ring. Dakota could not have chosen a ring more suited to her. I have never seen a broken band before and i loved it. Antique rings can be a hard find. I wonder the stories this ring could tell? Who did it belong to before it became Faith’s? Details were simple and elegant and the boys got to wear bullets filled with flowers which was so perfect for the groomsmen.

Dakota was crying way before Faith ever came out to see him – it was the sweetest thing. She laughed, he cried and the rest of us cried. I love that they allowed the bridesmaids and parents to watch from a distance as they met each other just before their wedding photos started.

This day was so very very bright and every year i think, i always forget how hard it is to find shade in the spring. Her colors and florals matched the whole day so perfectly! The number one thing about Covid weddings that happened in two parts is that i got to see these people again, AND spend two days with them instead of one. SOGOOD!

For their Ceremony they chose to be married in their parents very teeny tiny barn. I went by to see it the day before and i was delighted with how cozy and intimate it was. The set up was beautiful and honestly, I have never seen anything like it. I love variety and this wedding fit that ticket in every single way. Some folks decided to social distance by coming to the wedding and setting their lawn chairs outside the barn on the lawn. It was so beautiful from start to finish.


And then …. they held the reception in another cozy barn. It really was a very special day for all of us AND the food was amazing!! Cause, this family knows food if any family does. Beautiful, Yummy, And So. Much. Fun.

So that is part 1.

Part 2 will come at a later time… and will be showcasing the venue they selected, The Rocky Top Lodge. A hidden gem in Pennsylvania! It was so fun looking back through these images and now I am very excited to show you all the things I’ve been working on this past year!

xoxo! -Diane