These two are getting married this winter and I am so excited. A winter wedding. How romantic, how dear. Generally speaking, Winter is such a great time of year to be married. All snuggly and slow. I hope it snows. I hope it’s sunny and cold. I hope that when they look back on their wedding and it’s all over that they feel loved and supported by all the people that show up for them.

These two picked the beautiful Beechdale Farm for their engagement photos. Brin has some ties with friends and horseback riding (how awesome does that sound?) in the neighborhood so it was very special to her! And it turned out beautifully.

The Beechdale Farms are located in my hometown and there is not one season of my life that was not memorized by the changing of the trees that line that front drive. I could go on about this place, it’s town, and the people in it : a gorgeous place to have your photos taken!

Both Brin and Caleb were homeschooled and met each other through sports. There is nothing as refreshing as young love. Your first, your last, and your in between. Brin and Caleb: I am so excited for wintertime cause I know your wedding is a big part of it!

Let it snow! Let is snow! Let it snow!

I know we’re young but we have the kind of love that will last forever. Let us grow together, have our roots intertwined, and our souls merged.


xoxo- Diane