These two. As happy as clams and so so fun to take photos of!

They met in high school. I just love – love stories – that start out like that.

She had to get his attention. Another part of love that I love. A woman who is so in love with a man she cannot help herself.

And she wins his heart over by simply loving on him and seeing him. Because she knows that he is the one. There will be no one else. And that is love.


“I knew you, I never wanted to know anyone else.” Leo


He can make her laugh so easily. Without even trying. I am so excited for their wedding day in June. It will be warm. There will be no snow. And there will be tons of laughter just like this. Victoria, you are going to be a gorgeous bride!

Longwood Gardens was beautiful as always, and we got all of these beautiful photos in before it grew windy and really really cold.

Congrats you two.

xoxo- diane