“We were together I forget the rest.”  -Walt Whitman

These people are some of my favorite and I am so lucky to be able to follow their journey through life so closely. I value lifelong clients and do not take lightly the loyalty and commitment that comes along with that. This momma always has the best laid plans for her photo shoots and when she mentioned a Christmas Tree Farm I said, “Yes and absolutely !” If any of you are looking for ideas on how to dress your babies in the colder climates… or your hubby… she’s got it down. It can be cute and cuddly at the same time and there is nothing more important than keeping your babies warm! (says the mom who cannot keep socks on her kids). If you are looking for really yummy recipes like pineapple chicken curry, my special favorite, and love to read about foster care and the real life issues that surround us, give this couple a follow over on their blog fitly named “Life with a Purpose”! Many of you have asked me for that recipe and it is one of my favorite! I love it mostly because you toss everything into one pan and it’s easy to make with children underfoot! https://alifewithapurpose.com/pineapple-chicken-curry/

Go say hello and let them know you were at their site! And be sure to read this post too: https://alifewithapurpose.com/foster-love-going-from-2-kids-to-4-kids-under-3-years-old/

xoxo! diane