October 13, 2018

When I first met up with Missy, we met at Copper Cup (she was driving a honkin huge truck) and then for our 30 day sit down they invited me to their home at the farm. From what she had said about all the projects they were doing and trying to complete before the wedding, well, I was so excited to see their home. And meet David. He was sleeping on the couch when I arrived and apologized when he came to join our meeting. O my goodness. I was a grain farmers daughter first and then my father was a long distance truck driver so sleeping in the middle of the day is my comfort zone. My mother’s parents were farmers so I also grew up bottle feeding calves and I looooved it. I was so unafraid. I am the farthest thing I know from being a lover of farming, but I love to see others doing it and it still calls my heart. I admire farmers. I think they are some of the most dedicated, hard working people America will ever know. As I was sitting there in the meeting in their newly renovated kitchen I kept hoping Missy would say that she is getting ready here in their home, and she did! So here it is. A gorgeous fall wedding on the farm!

David was late to our first look because (he was checking on things and the generator was not working) he is just an overall great guy and took very good care of his bride. He also tended to everyone elses needs that day, too. Just making sure that everyone was okay and having a good time. A David of all trades and he did it all really really well.

Together they made and designed the alter/backdrop to the ceremony. And yes we were just out in a meadow on the hill. It was so perfect. And then it was time for the reception a few paces over under the white tent. With a little barn for the drinks and a campfire for warmth and yard games for more fun. And tiny little maple syrups for everyone’s favor. 

“There is always some madness in love.

But there is also always some reason in madness.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

It was just the best day ever and I love farm weddings. Okay I think I made that very clear, didn’t I? Thank you, David and Missy, for having us. We loved being a part of your wedding day!

xoxo, diane

Vendor List:

Assistant Shooter | Angie Kauffman

Ceremony Venue | Shadow Farms

Reception Venue | Shadow Farms

Invitations | Botanical Paperworks

Dress | Tiffany’s Bridal Botique

Hair Make Up | Luxe

Shoes His | Tractor Supply

Shoes Hers | DSW

Rings | Brent L Miller

Bridesmaids Dresses | In White Lancaster

Tuxedos | Men’s Warehouse

Florist | Joanne Burkholder ** flowers from Cool Spring Garden

Catering | Big Johns

Cake | Cake N Cup

DJ | Josh Wagner with Klock Entertainment