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Albums hold so many memories and stories. as you begin your married life you will treasure these wedding photos more and more with each passing year. having a book on the coffee table to pick up at look at from time to time is valuable. i love these albums.
They are unique. sleek with a thin build.
the paper is museum quality meaning it will never fade.
each album has a lifetime guarantee,
and is hand made in the usa

Your wedding photos are absolutely yours meaning you can take them and go make any product you want. designing your own album apart from di images is a real option. my albums make great gifts and are hassle free. you can also choose the images you wish to include or have me also do that for you.

when designing an album with me you get to choose your album fabric for your cover and also if you would like a photo on the front cover or a monogram of words with your names and date. there are no hidden costs in any of these option. this album is approved by you for printing before we send it off. I want to make sure it is everything you ever dreamed of.

to choose your album cover, head over to my instagram page under the wedding album highlight. I have the cover options listed so you can choose by number and letter. click through to see all available option at this time.

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A parent album is 8 x 8 in size and holds 40 images with a standard cover option that I choose.
The Bride and Groom album is 11x11 in size and holds 75 images beautifully.
You get to choose your album cover and style. Head over to my instagram page under the wedding album highlight to see what is currently available album covers.

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