Smoker Farm Weddings

Boy meets girl. Isn’t that how the story always starts? Through friends or randomly at a bar at a restaurant. And you know. You just know, this is the one. This time you are going to fall in love and all the stars will align and even though you have no real idea about the future, you just know. Well. Wil and Elissa’s story started… online. She was coming from a place of rest. No dating. Taking that time to start fresh and to focus on who God wanted her to be. Wil was waiting to meet the right girl. Not just any girl, but the right one. He decided to extend his range of geographic area to more than just Pennsylvania and just like that. The thing is, that when you do meet the right person, nothing feels better than that. Nothing is more right than that. And your heart is finally home.

This is their day. The celebration of all celebrations. There is no greater illustration of Christ’s love for us than marriage, and these two illustrate it so very well. I have never been so moved to love better and serve better than at this wedding. Jesus was the center and love was the theme. Not just love between the two of them, but real, lay-your-life-down kind of love, for everyone. And it broke me a little because i sure could be more like that.

And so, in between a thunderstorm tornado and amongst the rolling hills of PA, they said “I DO.” And it was perfect.

Some day i wish i could go back

in life. Not to change anything,

but to feel a few things twice.

Will and Elissa. Life is not usually easy peasy. There are hardships along the way. Some of them larger than others. But i have no doubt about the two of you because your focus is on God and your desire is to serve one another. Your legacy will be full to the top of all the ways you were carried and all the ways you served. May this be the best year for both of you! Many many many blessings.

xoxo- diane


Venue| Smoker Farm Weddings

Bridal Gown| Her best friends dress!!!

Hair/Makup| Sophia Zook @the.stylist.sophia Amanda Ranck @lipsandlockz

Shoes| Clarks

Rings | James Allen Rings

Jewelry| From mom

Florals | DIY

Caterer| Smoker Farm Weddings

Band| Sweet Harmony from Philadelphia