Hey there! How is your Friday going? This week has sped past, like so many of them do. I have been having a blast getting all these shoots in and i just love this time of year for all the busyness and hulabaloo! It also makes me so appreciate the slow season when it comes and all the cold and snow and whatever else. My son Jaxon’s birthday is in December (o, and mine, too) but he is too little to know how to count days so we just say when it’s cold and snowing, that’s when it’s your birthday. We are very excited about winter this year. It will probably be the first birthday he actually remembers so it is going to be a really fun one!

Every year i take a look at the books…. income and expenses and i invest in equipment and apps and programs and, o my goodness! If you are not in photography, it would blow your mind as to how much goes into it, BUT that is what makes it so everlasting fun! Last year (it took effect the beginning of this year) I decided that with every wedding i shoot i am going to gift a free One Year Anniversary shoot. I just love the idea that i get to meet my favorite people again and touch base with them after a year. By that time you have established a bit of a rhythm in your marriage and perhaps you have a favorite place to eat or a really great place to chill and spend mindless time together. Maybe you have a dog! Or a new car or whatever… I just love to be able to offer that to my clients. I’m keeping that for this next year so make sure you keep that in mind when booking a wedding with me! You get a free portrait session! Also – prices are going up this year and i feel like it goes without saying and makes no difference (who is going to book a wedding just because it’s cheaper?! huh!) but all weddings booked in 2018 hold the pricing for that year. Booked weddings in January 2019 hold the 2019 pricing. K. Enough about that!

Allen and Sari were a 2017 couple. (sorry about all these dates, if i was you it would be enough to make me not read anymore! ha!) And they are some of my favorite people. I just love them. They are funny. Like awkward funny flat out guffawing. I can really connect with that. It’s hilarious. And the thing that makes it so completely fun is that they laugh at themselves all. the. time! They are just that adorable. I always have so much fun when i am with them and i’m sure i am not the only one! Congrats to one year, Allen and Sari. You guys are just the best!

Do you see that glorious sunshine? I love love love the sun in photos. It may sound weird (and highly unprofessional) but i get very nervous taking photos on a cloudy day. I do! I like to know where my light is coming from and sometimes in an unfamiliar setting, if there is no sunshine, it’s harder for me to tell where the best light is. Mostly though, i just love the sunshine! I love to watch the light in other people’s photos and then try it for myself and there are so many ways you can use the sunshine if it’s around. I love the sun.

“You’re beautiful”

xoxo- Diane