A field and park engagement shoot

When it comes to love stories… i try to not have favorites…. BUT when there are two high school sweethearts getting married i get sucked right in and stand up to cheer with all my heart. I looooooove this story! These two are high school sweethearts and the sweetest couple ever and despite them not being good in front of the camera (by their admission not mine) they did a fantastic job on their photo shoot and i am so in love with these springtime photos. Are they not so sweet? I would also like to talk about eye color and dimples. Right!!??

I’m a huge fan of photo shoots in fields. It’s my favorite actually and i’m a pro at finding fields on the backside of nowhere (due to driving my babies around when they were tiny (for forever) to help them fall asleep…I know all the fields. On one of these photos there is a whole team of work horses plus a wagon in the background. I’m not telling which one it was! The joys of country living. It’s my favorite.

“Young love is still, after all… real love.”

xoxo! -diane