And where has the time all gone? Someday i wanna show you Emma’s 48 hour photos. Her and i are both radiantly beautiful and happy as if God himself reached down into that hospital and gave me an angel to rejoice over. She has always been a good baby. I called her my “angel baby” for a full year and a half and sometimes i still do. It’s just that after having a child that i would walk the floors with for 6-8 hours a day to help him fall asleep…. she seemed angelic. This is the baby who would throw herself back when you rocked her begging you to lie her down so she could just sleep. And she would, and i would stand over her, watching her fall asleep, wondering who this sweet baby was. (While her brother most likely was screeming the next room over).. We have had some crazy times over here, but i bet it’s not too far fetched for you to to be able to relate to. Motherhood is just not a simple process is it?

Soooo.. When she turned 1.5 it seemed that she wisened up to the fact that one room over her brother and momma were getting all the snuggles and book reading and co sleeping in and she figured out how to climb out of her pack n play and come find us and i figured that our “angel baby” days were over. They were in a way, but in other ways she remains the simplest, most easy to please child. I would ask her to do something and she would say, “ok.” And then go do it. Like, is that how most children are?!

I think Emma has found her terrible two’s in her threes (Her birthday technically is March 2) and she makes us laugh all the time. I love laughing with her and hearing her giggles and telling her how funny i think she is. She doesn’t try it. She is just naturally splitting us up! She has found her voice and can make Jaxon mad just by furrowing her brows at him. They mostly fight about who gets to sing what. In the car. When i am trying to drive. I tell them one day i am gonna have an accident! They get so loud. The family who sings together stays together is a questionable anecdote.

Emma does not like sour or burny food. She smells it a mile away. She has a very good nose and tells me she can smell me every time i chew gum. (her dad had a good nose, too) She runs, dances, skips all day with her hair flying out behind her. She could play outside all day and she always comes in way more dirty and muddy than Jaxon would ever allow himself to be. She climbs trees with the best of the best and i am just so stinkin proud of this little person i get to call my daughter.

She hates having her nose wiped or anything in her face – and has the strength of a very wiry little monkey and the best thing about her ( i think) is that because she comes across so angelic, she gets away with a lot of things. Because even tho i am asking her to do something or not do something, and she says, “ok”. It does not mean she is following through and i catch her many times smiling at me with little eyes that say i have just done it… are you gonna be mad? It’s very hard for me not to laugh at her.

I love this little shoot which was produced and directed by little Emma Grace herself!!

xoxo! Diane