O Daniel and Whitney, was it really only a month and a half ago that we met at the farm? Seems like I’ve known you now for a very long sweet time. I am so excited for these two getting married. They chose a gorgeous private property in Manheim that is home to an air bnb. It is gonna be amazing. Whitney’s story alone is amazing. Where she comes from, but how these two met is also crazy. It just seems like when you are meant to be with someone you find them. They find you. Right?

Whitney used to be a city girl… um, through and through. She was on her way to broadway (right!!??) when she made the decision to move away from the city and find her place back in the country again working for family. Daniel is a country boy through and through, but all of that seems so inconsequential cause they are a perfect match. If I did not know their story I would assume they both grew up here in Lancaster County and met each other at the local …. wherever people meet up these days. Bar, church, diner, through friends…

They met online. And she was like… nah.. I am not doing long distance with this guy. But then she moved and he moved and they were no longer long distance.

When Whitney reached out to me to set up their engagement photos she was all about the farm. Cows, sheep, chickens… Too sad that all the other animals were not at pasture when we took our photos but we were so happy to be roaming with the chickens.

I am so happy to be a part of your wedding day.

It’s gonna be a really good day.

So much love to both of you.

Real love stories never have endings.

-Richard Bach

xoxo- Diane