If ever there was a family I was thankful to meet, it was this one.

When Hannah reached out to me, I squealed. Actually. Or maybe I sucked in my breathe in that annoying way that women do when you have no idea if they are freaked out or excited. Because, as soon as I saw that message, “Hey, Diane. It’s Hannah. Remember you took my senior photos….”

Of course I remembered Hannah! And Robbie. And their mom. If you meet a Krasinski you never forget them.

Plus her mom had told me that when her children get married that they are going to be giving me a call and somehow I knew that what she was saying would come to pass. And mom came along to this shoot, too, to take care of the dogs. And she shared some tears with me. Listen, I don’t know what it feels like to see your daughter through all the years of grade school, high school, dating and getting married, but I do know what it is like to see a daughter through 5 short years of life and I’m already crying over her for no reason. I shed some tears, too- right there on the spot. Life is crazy like that.

Connor’s family I do not know, but I cannot wait to meet them and to spend the wedding day with them celebrating people they love!

Congrats you two. I am so excited for your wedding day.

XOXO – Diane