An in home session

I wish everyone could hear this momma’s story. Even though this was something she and her husband really really wanted… it was not an easy journey, and I feel like pregnancy is that for so many people. It is just really hard. She endured so much physical pain in her body all the while carrying a most precious child.

After I was pregnant I always said that women who are carrying a baby should be given permission to complain. To express the frustrations. It’s hard work on our bodies! Also the most rewarding job our bodies will ever do for us. BUT, like Sally, so many women carry these newborns with grace. No complaints. Looking back, I realize I had so few reasons to complain, but many women suffer a great deal.

Here is to all the moms and all the babies. There are many reasons we cherish you and many reasons you deserve to be fully pampered when that baby arrives earth side! This is a precious season for sure.

Totally love her nursery, too!