A brand new baby! Ed and Brenda were married last Spring in a monsoon that everyone heroically thrived in but also one we never care to repeat again. We originally thought we would go back to their wedding venue on this day to take photos, and just make different memories that way. BUT this day was much different with all the sunshine in the world and an adorable little cottage in the middle of one of Lancaster Counties Historic spots. With a newborn in tow, this was the perfect fit.

This little family came all the way from New Jersey to spend time with family and get their One Year Anniversary Photos crossed off the list! Ed is my cousin ( did i mention he is an actual Doctor?) and it is forever amazing being a part of families lives in this way! Brenda is an amazing momma, and little Simone is by far the most awake tiny baby I have ever met. Hardwired to be a social butterfly in all the best ways.

I get to meet more babies and pregnancies from last years couples and I am all about it. My favorite thing is to get a front seat to watch your families blossom and grow.