I don’t know how you feel about large families but I think they are so great! So when MaryAnn asked me if I would be interested in doing an in home session with her new baby I, of course, said yes!! I come from a family of 5, which is not huge (my mom comes from a family with 11 children, so that’s perspective) and I always felt and still feel like my siblings are this wonderful group of friends that are something better than a friend. That group of people for which all is forgiven and nothing is too much or too little. That space where all the grace is extended but also nobody gets away with too much. The perfect space. There is something about a siblings love that is unequalled and so special. I love that my babies have each other and I love to watch other people’s children interact, too.

This group of siblings has a set of twins added to the mix (the two youngest boys are twins) and now having a tiny baby in the house with all of these big helpers, is just so special! Each of them so proud of Baby L and so eager to be the one to hold him for the photo. He is going to be so spoiled and loved on in his growing up years. That is what older siblings are for, right?!

siblings: children of the same parents, each of whom is perfectly normal until they get together.

-sam levenson

Thank you for having me into your home. Your family is so precious and your home is so beautiful.

xoxo – diane