A family shoot from last fall. Ya’ll, this gift of time we have been given… it’s like an extended winter. I’ve been working behind the scenes and you know what, I’m starting to really like that part of what i do. If i would say, off the top of my head, how much time is spent actually taking photos, I would say about 25% of it. The rest is “behind the scenes.” It’s so much fun.

This shoot was one of my favorite. It was a gorgeous day that suddenly turned freezing and windy. I like having some movement from the wind but the wind and the cold is a bad combo for everyone. I love their choice of outfits, their blue and brown eye colors, and all the sun! Every session i make it a point to get really good photos of JUST mom and dad. And we did this session in 30 minutes! Did i say that before? It is completely possible, and when it is cold and windy time is of the essence!

Don’t you just love their outfits?

xoxo- diane