Another beautiful couple. Willing to tramp through all the jungle grasses and trees with me daring ticks and wildlife and just having plain old good fun. How are there so many beautiful people in this world? I have so much fun hanging out with our couples and spending time together. I crave old fashioned connection with the people i serve and i know i only see a snippet of your lives or spend a small amount of time with you, but i hope in that time you can feel how i care for you. I love bumping into you at weddings and chatting with you in the grocery isle. I pray for you here and there and i’m really cheering you on as you live out this life. My clients feel like family and i am so thankful for each of you. This is DL and Crystal. I love them so much and i cannot wait to see what the future holds for them!

When Im With You, Hours Feel Like Seconds. When We’re Apart, Days Feel Like Years.

xoxo- diane